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Afghanistan Internet GIS and Satellite Image Visualization System

TelemorphicFollowing the war in Afghanistan and removal of the Taliban regime, thousands of workers from humanitarian organizations, government agencies, private companies, and other non-governmental organizations involved in relief and reconstruction required basic geographical information in order to prepare for their deployment to the region. Many of these people found the necessary maps and satellite imagery using the Afghanistan Internet GIS and Satellite Image Visualization System, a free public access resource created and hosted by Telemorphic, Inc. The Maplicity-powered system has delivered web GIS tools along with hundreds of thousands of maps and satellite images to people around the world. To create the site, Telemorphic aggregated massive archives of declassified maps and imagery from official US Government sources such as Dept. of Defense (NGA/NIMA), NASA, and USGS. While this geospatial information was previously available to the public in cryptic data formats and a few obscure ftp and websites, it was not accessible for practical use by the masses in a "real world" web mapping application. This resource has been continuously updated with additional content, and remains one of the most popular web mapping resources for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Live Demo

Tsunami Damage Assessment in Banda Aceh
with MapImager On-Line

Click for full-size image (Opens new window)Technologies for mapping, GIS, and GPS can play a critical role in damage assessment and recovery following a natural disaster. Unfortunately, such technologies are often expensive, complex, and time consuming to establish, maintain, and deploy. Telemorphic's MapImager On-Line provides reliable, easy-to-use web browser access to interactive imagery comparison, visualization, mapping, and GIS tools delivered complete with map and imagery content via the web. These powerful tools allow anyone with web browser access to view maps and imagery depicting the local geographic situation, create/save/print custom maps, and share them with colleagues... next door, down the street, or around the world. For Banda Aceh, high resolution satellite images taken before and after the Tsunami were made available for public access using MapImager On-Line, enabling interactive on-line image comparisons that reveal the damage caused by the event. Web GIS tools are also included allowing for users to quickly zoom to GPS coordinate, make accurate measurements of areas, and redline/markup the images to create custom maps for the city. Live Demo