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The David Rumsey Map Collection Web GIS and Geospatial Visualization System

Click here for full-size imageWith over 150,000 works, the David Rumsey Collection is one of the world's largest private collections of 19th and early 20th century maps. Approximately 10,000 of these maps have been digitized and made available for public access on the Web. These maps have enormous potential to improve our understanding of historical trends in land use and development, the dynamics of landscape change, and mankind's impact on the environment over hundreds of years. David Rumsey realized the hidden value of his historical maps, and contacted Telemorphic to help him and visitors to his website visualize historical and modern maps. Telemorphic provided the complete turnkey solution for web GIS and geospatial visualization, including historical + modern geospatial database development, Internet GIS administration and hosting, and custom application development building upon Maplicity's robust client-side visualization capabilities and ArcIMS' server-side GIS technology. The result is a lightweight (350kb) GIS Browser enabling on-line visitors to the David Rumsey Collection to interactively compare maps and imagery from past and present, as well as a variety of advanced map creation, GIS, and image analysis/visualization functionality. The solution currently includes comprehensive geospatial content for ten (10) regions including San Francisco, Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Mt. Washington, NV, and Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, Japan. It is widely recognized as one of the most compelling mapping/GIS applications on the Internet, and has received numerous awards and recognition including the prestigious International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences' "Webby Award"for best technical innovation, and "Best Internet Application"at ESRI's International User Conference. [Live Demo].

Yale University's Historical New Haven Digital Collection

Click for full-size image (Opens a new window)Yale University's Historical Digital Collection contains over 500 images of historical New Haven, as well as over 75 documents containing key census information, maps, and other data from New Haven over the past 150 years. An extensive map section on the website allows web browser users to interactively compare multiple maps of New Haven from different time periods at the block and even building level. The website also allows visitors to locate addresses and major features like churches and local parks, as well as create and print custom map compositions. The project is part of the Electronic Library Initiatives (ELI) program, a focused effort by Yale University Libraries to facilitate and study the use of digital images and other materials in teaching, learning, and scholarship. The on-line mapping and GIS resource supports the university's educational and research programs related to history, planning, and urban development. The site is powered by Telemorphic's Maplicity and ESRI's ArcIMS.